About Me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Katie, and I'm a 20 something writer.

I am....
an undergraduate at Arizona State, pursuing degrees in Communications and Creative Writing.
dating  TK who writes/directs for LaughTaxi, a comedy production group.
living 2000 miles from my hometown.

I want...
a pet.
to live in California.
to be a well accomplished writer.

I will...
always reach for my goals, which right now are writing, and being happy.

I wrote for a women's health website; AskMyOBGYN.com... I was recently published in an issue of Kalliope... and I have a second blog that's dedicated to a few pieces of my writing: Memo.

Thanks for stopping by! Check out my contact page in ways to get in touch with me and please if you have any comments, ideas, thoughts, or you just want to say hi .... don't hesitate! I love connecting with new people and checking out their sites and blogs!